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Megan, is the brain child behind Trans BC 6 day enduro and Trans NZ 6 day enduro and now adding in the addition of Trans Tasmania 5 day enduro....but it all started in 2014 when she created the BC Enduro Series bringing enduro racing to Canada.  She has been riding and racing bikes all over the world for 14 years and organizing bike events for 12 years.

Megan is a passport holder and citizen of all 3 countries (Australia, NZ and Canada) so it only seemed fitting to create Trans Tri Nation putting on a multi day Trans race in each country for riders from around the world to enjoy!

Combine this with her Bachelor of Business in Event Management, and past and present racing (including EWS races, and other multi-day Trans races around the world), she knows what it takes to put on a good race from both an organizer's perspective and racer's perspective.  She is super excited to continually grow and expand the biking industry to help all other fellow riders explore the world by bike. 


"To me it doesn’t matter how well an event is organized or not organized, it’s the people that are in it that make the difference and I could not ask for better participants from the events I have put on over the past several years. I wouldn't still be doing what I do if it wasn't for you guys!  You are all so excited, so pumped, so supportive, positive, flexible, and all just willing to go with the flow and take on what ever I throw at you! I run these events to allow riders the opportunity to explore new places, meet new friends, ride amazing trails, challenge yourselves, reach new limits, experience life changing forever memorable experiences, all while putting a beer in your hands at the finish line of every day!  That's all the matters really! Who cares who actually wins the event, because you all win in my mind! I don't want these events to become too political and serious and the moment they do, I will walk away from it. So my gratitude extends to how rad all the participants are, and also correlates to the sponsors’ support, unbelievable local communities and club support across BC, the volunteers and beyond. Every piece of the puzzle is important and I am so thrilled to have such amazing people in my life and have met so many more over the past few years through these events and the unbelievable support that you have all provided. 


Now to the true legends!  These events wouldn't happen nor be as fun as they are with out the incredibly high energetic, passionate, dedicated volunteer team. These guys are like family and make these events what they are!

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